Lost  (detail)   Text reads: I was a cowboy, but now I have a strange feeling that I only wore his apparel
  The Ideal (#3)
  The Ideal (#3)  (side view)
  The Ideal (#4)
  The Ideal (#4)  (side view)
  The Ideal (#5)
  No Men Required    Text reads: And she lived terrifically ever after
  On the Wrong Side    Text reads: All the gentlemen were armed with revolvers
  Of Sound Mind    Banner reads: Between Heaven and Earth she did exist. Against the odds she did persist. Her detractors, she did forgive. On her own terms, she died as she lived.
  The West was in His Soul, but a Cat was in His Heart    Text reads: He rode the range with the cat he loved on his back
  Sad Music
  The Head Honcho
  The Head Honcho  (detail)
  The Bulldogger    Text reads: Good and bad luck
  The Bulldogger  (detail)
  Lead the Way    Text reads: Take his hand
  As Far as He could See
  Long Way Home
  Dinner for One
  Phoebe Get Your Gun    Text reads: Who was she, really?
  Phoebe Get Your Gun  shown with orbiting elements being turned
  Secret Recipe    Text reads: He wondered what they would do if they knew his award-winning food contained no meat
  A Real Man
  He Could've Done More
  He Could've Done More  (detail)
  Two Cowboys    Text reads: Two cowboys-restless, weird, wild traveling the country
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